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Daily Discipline: Creative Journaling

Some Daily Disciplines are really hard habits to create, others are, well…

Easy and Lots of FUN!!!

Life and living it to the fullest just takes so much of our time that we hardly ever take a moment to STOP and FOCUS on >ONE< specific thing at a time, especially if it requires creating something from scratch. Who has the time for that anymore anyway, right?!?!

It’s been my experience over the years that if you don’t MAKE the time for what is really important, then you simply won’t do it, and those important things soon become less and less important to you. #TrueStory!

So why Journal when life already demands so much of your time and energy?

For Starters: Studies actually show and prove that a person who journals is psychologically healthier than one who does not!! So if you are not already journaling, that is a really great reason to start wouldn’t you agree? You can click (HERE) to read and gain more insight about this information. This is just one article, from one credible source, but there are tons more out there…

I began journaling when I was 10 years old, when my godmother gifted me my very first diary for Christmas. By the time I married, I had a small suitcase full of diaries. However, during our separation and then divorce my ex-husband absolutely refused to give me any of my belongings, only because he knew how much they meant to me. I didn’t have the knowledge, skills, nor the money to fight him for what was rightfully mine, so all my childhood memorabilia is gone forever, including all of my writings. I sort of lost my muse for writing for a few years after that. It was actually during my second divorce 15 years later, that my Counselor recommended that I begin journaling, as a means of therapy. So I began writing again, but in a much different way than before. I now have several unpublished manuscripts that will eventually become published books one day!!

Several years ago, I began exploring and experimenting with Journaling on an even different level. I was no longer limited to the laptop keyboard or to a journal pad and pen, nor was I spending long amounts of time writing thousands upon thousands of words in my attempt to create meaningful and interesting stories, poems, and blog posts.

Words were now becoming mini works of art as I added color to my once dull and colorless method. I added an assortment of color pencils, markers, highlighters and gel pens, and now rather than trying to come up with stories with 1,000’s of words, I began focusing on one word at a time.

That’s write, Journaling — OneWordAtATime.

Eventually I added music to the mix for inspiration and motivation and a whole new level of journaling opened up to me. It’s hard to even put into words…

Creative Journaling is now part of my Daily Bible Reading, Devotional and Worship Time.

It’s so easy a child can do it, not to mention: the spiritual and therapeutic benefits are worth being ridiculed for wasting time coloring.

journaling pic1

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