Goal: Abide…

Trying to Navigate through the Daily Struggles of Life and Remain Steadfast & Surrendered requires nothing short of a Divine Intervention, NO ifs, ands, or buts about it!!!

Intervention that is initiated by Actively Participating in a Personal, Intimate, One-on-One Relationship with Our Creator, Lord and Savior.

If we are completely Honest with ourselves, we have to Admit that we simply CANNOT do Life apart from God. Truth is, we were not created nor designed to do all of this stuff on our own anyway. That’s Good News!!

So…Acknowledging our NEED of His Holy Spirit and His Divine Presence in Our Daily Walk is a Great place to start!!!

Then what?!?!?!

Well WALKing requires MOVEment, BEing an Active Participant, DOing the Work.

Sometimes we don’t have a clue how or where to even Begin, other times we don’t know how to Keep Going. Then there are times when we Struggle with Getting Distracted, Getting Off Course, and Getting Back On Track Again.

Regardless of what Season we find ourselves in, Continually and Steadily Walking THROUGH is the Key!! NO Stopping, NO Slacking, NO Taking a Break, and NO Turning Back!!

Numerous Resources from those who have gone BEFORE us, who have left behind Legacies of Great Faith and Works, are easily available and accessible to us, as “Guides of Reference” in which to Follow.

God’s Holy Word being the MAIN Source, and then the Anointed Works of those who Acknowledge, Cherish and add Credibility to The Gospel Message. These Inspiring Works are not very hard to find, if we Learn how to Search in the Right Place and in the Right Way.

I personally use many different sources of information to help me live out this Spiritual Journey, putting into Practice the Daily Disciplines I’ve learned over the years, from several Credible and GENUINELY Anointed & Spirit-Led People and Places.

The Plan of this blog is to share some of all of that stuff here, so Follow and Participate by Commenting and Sharing your own Thoughts, Experiences, Testimonies, and Recommendations as we Walk Out this AWEsome Spiritual Journey Together and Put into Practice the Life-Saving Goal of Abiding In Christ!!!

Just Another Harvest…

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