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Yearly Reminder: Investing, Spending or Wasting

Ever wonder how Daily Devotionals are always On-Time?! Like how did the Writer know months/years in advance, to assign a particular devotion for a specific date, in order that a specific person read it that day…

It may seem too far fetched, but truth be told, Divine Inspiration is how the entire Bible was written, thousands of years in advance!

So it’s not just coincidental that we receive timely messages and reminders through other means, like devotionals. Our Creator can, will and does use whatever means He sees fit to use to get His point across. For Heaven’s sake even rocks will cry out if He so chooses. His Word even says so!

Well on this one particular day, which just so happenes to be my birthday, the title of one of the daily devotionals I was reading was, “Investing Your Life”. I could just pause right here and let you ponder that one thought and call it a day.

I couldn’t help but stop and analyze my whole entire life and all that I had done with my days up to this point in time. Had I Invested it, Spent it or Wasted it? Honestly, I’ve done all three, and then some.

But the day’s devotional wasn’t to condemn, criticize or pass judgement, rather it was just a simple reminder to take inventory, and then make adjustments as needed. No right or wrong, no famous or secret formula, no tried, tested and true methods, no 12 steps to successfully master your time and life. Just an easy peasy, “what have you done in the past up until now, what will you do differently starting NOW?

So, after 50 years of Investing, Spending and Wasting days and years of my life, I determined that for the next 50+ years, I will continue to Invest, Spend and Waste. I’d love to say from this point on, No More Spending or Wasting and Only Investing, but that’s not reality. However, I will attempt to Increase my Investments, while weening myself from Spending and Wasting my days.

What that will look like for me will most definitely look completely different than what it will look like from where you are living your life.

Investments within my sphere of influence, in my lane where He placed me, reaching those He leads down the same path He has me traveling down. Investing more time, effort, ability, energy, gifts and talents that He placed inside of me, in order to reach those He chooses, for His Kingdom and All For His Glory!


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