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Who Holds You Together?

The last few months of my life have been some awfully challenging days…

Pruning, Transition and Valley Season can be some of the most brutal of all seasons, BUT oh the other side is so worth all of the heartache and pain, I promise!!

I can’t even begin to tell you how many people I have spoken to, just within this past week, who are also going through the tough seasons of life. Stressed, depressed and struggling to survive and navigate through another day are the norms of life for so so many people nowadays. Reconfirms my reason for continuing to pursue this Psychology and Christian Counseling degree.

In addition to my own stress and anxiety of finally dealing with this Math course which has been taunting me for years, LOTS of other stuff decided to pop up in my life like they always do when I’m already feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Family, finances, employment, health, spiritual and other relationship issues took turns body slamming me down to the mat.

BUT, I have NEVER been one to stay down for the count! Ask anyone who knows me…

Years ago, I determined in my heart and mind that the best option during difficult times is to Intentionally Make Myself “Remain Calm in the Midst of The Storm” because life experiences have proven time and time again that ALL THINGS are but for a season and that God IS Always Faithful, Always Good, Always Working Behind The Scene, and IS Always, Always, Always On Time!!


I also trained myself to stay balanced by focusing my energy on what’s happening on the inside of me, instead of what is going on all around me. I’m very limited on what I can control on the outside. Sometimes, what’s happening all around us, especially when it comes to dealing with other people, may have nothing at all to do with us. So Stay Focused, Stay Balanced, and Stay Grounded!!

I repeat…Stay Focused, Stay Balanced, Stay Grounded!!

I say all of that to say this, Life, People and Things will knock you down, maybe even knock you out cold, sometimes more than once.

BUT, Don’t Ever Give Up and Don’t Ever Stay Down!!

Determine in your own heart and mind that, YOU ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR, even if you or others don’t believe that you are.

Determine in your own mind that, Life IS Worth Living, No Matter how hard it gets!!

And as selfish as it may sound, Take Time For Yourself!!! Self Care is So Very Important for self preservation. Do not neglect to take the time needed to take care of yourself, regardless of what anyone else may say or believe, It’s Not selfish!!

Lastly, reach out and seek the help of a genuine and trustworthy friend or professional when it just gets to be too much for you to handle on your own!!!

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