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Purpose in all of the pain

Feeling weak, exhausted, anxious, stressed, or depressed?

You’re Not Alone!

It seems to be the new ‘norm of the day’ nowadays for so many to be living in survival mode, on the edge, one decision away from a major life-change…

Do you even sometimes feel that your Faith is slowly drifting away because you just can’t understand why so many difficult things are happening to you, all at once, over and over again, with no relief in sight?

Do you ever find yourself wondering or asking,

  • Why is God allowing so many bad things to happen in my life? (Especially if one is genuinely trying to do the right things and live the right way!)
  • Why hasn’t He removed all of these burdens from my life YET?
  • Doesn’t He see that I am in over my head?
  • Doesn’t He hear my prayers?
  • Does He even care about ME?!?!

2 Timothy 3:1-5 warned us that critical and hard times would come. These warnings were written long, long ago for our benefit, today, so that we would not be completely caught off-guard.

However, although they shouldn’t come as a surprise to us, when trials come knocking on our door, we do tend to get blindsided and lose our focus for a moment. That is perfectly normal and human nature, so cut yourself some slack.

Regardless of how hard we try to avoid them, hard times will come, and unfortunately, they do fall on all of us. No one is exempt!

The days and times we are living in today can be very challenging, which make it difficult for some of us to stay hopeful and positive.

But I’m here to remind you that, There Is HOPE! There truly is a purpose in all of the heartache, and suffering, and pain.

There is a purpose in All Of It!

I found this really great article written by an authentic Christian writer, that does a wonderful job of putting it all into perspective.

Please read it and then share it with someone you know could use a little Hope!

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