Plan B: When the bottom falls out

I have only met a select number of individuals who have intentionally created a strategic plan for their life, which can ultimately serve as a personal safety net for when the bottom falls out.


Who actually has a Plan B to put into action when the bottom falls out?

I am not talking about a 401K, or an emergency fund for support when a financial crisis hits. I am referring to the type of fall-out that is beyond financial recovery. Despite popular belief, money IS NOT the save-all solution when disaster strikes. I know that may come as a surprise to some of you and somewhat hard to believe, but it’s a well-proven fact.

While having a financial cushion to fall on during hard times is a wise decision and a life goal to accomplish, money most certainly cannot provide stability during a psychological or emotional breakdown, it cannot restore a fragile and troubled relationship, money certainly can’t undo a pending divorce, or reverse a terminal illness, and it definitely can’t heal the effects of a tragic accident or death of a loved one. As beneficial as money can be, it is not a key component in the restoration process when the bottom falls out.

Aside from money, there are a number of other things which people turn to in hopes of restoring their own sense of normalcy, most of which only contribute more to the problem. Extramarital affairs, substance use and abuse, or other destructive behaviors which only add fuel to the already out-of-control inferno. Fall Outs are a really hard place to be in and if there is no Plan B to resort to, lives will inevitably go in a wide range of unsafe, unhealthy and unholy directions Very Quickly!


Why it is necessary to have a Plan B!

Anyone who has ever experienced the bottom falling out can testify to the fact that right after the bottom falls out, all hell breaks loose, lives get flipped turned upside down, emotions are scattered all over the place, chaos shows up at every turn, door after door gets slammed shut, then one break down and obstacle after another comes barging in with little to no help or relief in sight. Not to mention, everyone around “appears” to be untrustworthy, undependable, or not genuinely concerned with what is happening in your life. But, it’s not the end of the world, and Redemption is not as far off as one may believe.


Bottom Fall-Outs can be very brutal, difficult to navigate and are hard to bounce back from, especially when their is no Plan B. Even with a Plan B, the journey will still be challenging. At least with a plan to fall back on, it makes the trek back to normalcy more tolerable and manageable. And as hard as it may be to wrap your mind around this fact, Fall Outs are not always linked to something that you have done wrong. AND Most Importantly Fall Outs have significant spiritual value.

SO…How does one create a Plan B?

Creating a Plan B for any event in life takes nothing short of being Intentional.


Strategically making preparations ahead of time is not something that most people think about doing, until the inevitable happens. Then they find themselves in the midst of the chaos with no clue on how to navigate through to the other side. It is only after-the-fact that they come to realize the importance of planning ahead.

This particular type of life preparation is more than the typical planning ahead that most people think about. For instance, purchasing life insurance for the future financial peace of your family in the event of your death, or creating a financial cushion for when the layoff comes, or having a back-up plan in the event the mortgage company forecloses on the family home, etc.

You can be sure that when the bottom falls, there will be no time to stop and create a strategic plan of action. Because when the bottom falls out, the walls also begin to close in all around you and the ceiling is but moments away from crashing down. So a Plan B is definitely something that needs to be intentionally created well in advance.

I have read several articles, blogs and self-help books on the topic of creating a personal strategic plan for life, which can ultimately assist one in the event of a fall out. While there are no fool-proof scientific methods of survival, it is still worth putting in the effort to create your own personal back up plan because Your Life and all of its events are worth planning for.

Why? Because Your life and all of its events have eternal significance and purpose.





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