Spiritual Daily Disciplines

Why are Spiritual Daily Disciplines so important in Christian Life?

Spiritual Daily Disciplines, such as Bible Reading, quality time spent in Prayer, Worship and/or Devotion are opportunities where we encounter and interact with Our Creator and Savior. When we are still and silent, we are in a better position to hear directly from God concerning His Will & Purpose for our life. As a Christian, this is a very important aspect of life and should be a daily priority!

Another reason why establishing Daily Disciplines is so important is because our enemy never sleeps. He is very skilled and experienced in his own daily disciplines, which involves our destruction.

Why are Spiritual Daily Disciplines so difficult to develop?

Spiritual Daily Disciplines are difficult to develop without consistency! Some of the greatest people I know have difficulty committing to Daily Disciplines. The most common reason I hear is, there just isn’t enough time in my busy schedule to fit in anything else.

laptop calendar and books

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With so many areas competing for our time, it’s difficult to prioritize and fit everything into a 24 hour time period…

  • Work schedule
  • School schedule
  • Home schedule
  • Exercise schedule
  • Children’s Sports schedule
  • Church schedule
  • Small Group schedule
  • Volunteer schedule
  • Vacation schedule

Spiritual Daily Disciplines somehow end up getting pushed aside and before you know it they are no longer happening. We reason with ourselves in our best attempt to justify our lack of, but honestly, there really is no justifiable excuse to not practice Spiritual Daily Disciplines!

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How to put Spiritual Daily Disciplines into practice?

Daily Disciplines will look different for everyone and regardless of what you see, hear or read, there is no right or wrong way to do it.

1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour…

with a book, without a book…

with music, without music…

Personal preferences is what will ultimately determine all of the details.

Main key is consistency and continuously!!

When the trials and tribulations come is when we will recognize why this is so important.

Resources to help establish Spiritual Daily Disciplines

Abide using Daily Disciplines








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