Deep calls

During my personal Bible study and devotional time this morning, this particular passage of scripture came up in one of my readings.

As the deer pants for the water brooks, So pants my soul for You, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and appear before God? My tears have been my food day and night, While they continually say to me, “Where is your God?” When I remember these things, I pour out my soul within me. For I used to go with the multitude; I went with them to the house of God, With the voice of joy and praise, With a multitude that kept a pilgrim feast. Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him For the help of His countenance. O my God, my soul is cast down within me; Therefore I will remember You from the land of the Jordan, And from the heights of Hermon, From the Hill Mizar. Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls; All Your waves and billows have gone over me. The LORD will command His lovingkindness in the daytime, And in the night His song shall be with me— A prayer to the God of my life. I will say to God my Rock, “Why have You forgotten me? Why do I go mourning because of the oppression of the enemy?” As with a breaking of my bones, My enemies reproach me, While they say to me all day long, “Where is your God?” Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God; For I shall yet praise Him, The help of my countenance and my God.” Psalms‬ ‭42:1-11‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Then the lyrics of a song I remembered with the phrase ‘deep calls to deep’ started playing in my head, so I began searching for the music video and not only did I find many different versions of songs with this particular phrase in it, but I also stumbled upon many sermons, podcasts, commentaries, books, devotionals, etc.

This search for a music video turned out to be so much more, as I came to recognize that this ‘deep calls unto deep’ mantra was so much more than I could have imagined!

So I dug deeper to find what the Lord wanted me to get from all of this.

I discovered that the Hebrew word for ‘deep’ has two very distinctive definitions, which in some ways are the complete opposite of the other.

One definition is ‘a powerful abundant supply of water’, the other is ‘an emptiness where nothing at all exists’.

So one version of the word deep is ‘a depth of such complete fullness that it will never run dry no matter how much it gives out’, while the other version is ‘an emptiness and a void that can never be filled no matter how much is poured into it’.

The body, mind, spirit and soul of man will always find itself in one of these two places called Deep.

One is a place so full of Life and Light and Goodness and Peace and Freedom and so much more. While the other, well you get the point.

If we are completely honest we ourselves, we will admit that we have found ourselves at some point and time in our lives, on the wrong side of the deep.

Maybe we deliberately ventured off into the deep, maybe we drifted…

Regardless of how we ended up there, if we are not careful, we can get swallowed up if we allow ourselves to get to a place where we are in over our head.

The Good News for those who may have found themselves on the wrong side of the deep, is that you don’t have to stay there.

Deep Calls


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