Notes from My Daily Devotional Time

How God’s Kingdom leads one into Prosperity (Spiritual Currency)

Luke 12:31 “But Seek the Kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you.”
A simple, but powerful life principle!
God’s Kingdom HAS TO BE realized FIRST if we are to realize God’s Prosperity.
This matter of prosperity is an issue of the heart!
We first have to be mature enough, spiritually, to handle the degree of prosperity God wants to extend to us.
Money (Earth’s Currency) can be evil and dangerous and God knows it changes the heart of man. He simply does not and cannot trust some people with it, or too much of it.
When we put spiritual things above material things, when we put the cause and mission of God’s Kingdom before our own wants, needs and desires, it will cause ‘all other things to be added to our lives’, those things which we worry about and strive after.
So we need to put first things first!
Jesus said “Do Not Worry! Matthew 6:25-34
We Must put our priorities in line and God will take care of the rest. He promises to add ‘all other things’.
We prove the level of our spiritual maturity by what our heart possesses!

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