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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Each year, for the past several years, I set out to share my Survivor story with the world during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, then no sooner I start writing, I become overwhelmed, then paralyzed with fear and anxiety and end up putting it off yet again. I prayed and asked God again if this is… Continue reading Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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Reminder: Journal the Journey

“Journal The Journey” is a phrase I've heard mentioned many times over the years by several different leaders, in various settings like: personal growth and development seminars, psychology and counseling classes, Pastor's Sunday morning sermon, health and wellness coaches, physical therapists, mentors and life coaches, etc. In the moment, you may not think it to be… Continue reading Reminder: Journal the Journey

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Yearly Reminder: Investing, Spending or Wasting

Ever wonder how Daily Devotionals are always On-Time?! Like how did the Writer know months/years in advance, to assign a particular devotion for a specific date, in order that a specific person read it that day... It may seem too far fetched, but truth be told, Divine Inspiration is how the entire Bible was written,… Continue reading Yearly Reminder: Investing, Spending or Wasting