My “what keeps me up at night” aka Mission Statement

Every worthwhile company, organization, or brand has a mission, a purpose, a reason, a passion, and a story behind it all. I will do my best to briefly explain that here about D’Vine Daughters.

After spending way too many years sitting on the sidelines, watching other ordinary people taking the lead by reaching out into their sphere of influence and making an impact in the lives of various groups of people like, the homeless, single moms, foster children, trafficked survivors, the addicted, etc. I couldn’t help but notice that there weren’t any specific groups or places for survivors of domestic violence to call their own. What the local shelters were able to provide, which through no fault of their own, was very limited. Due to budget cuts over the past few years, many shelters have even had to close their doors completely, leaving survivors fending for themselves.

As a fairly new survivor, I relocated to a new town, leaving behind my main survivor support system hours away. I began my search for local support, by joining several other types of support groups in the community and joining a local church. They were all very helpful to some degree, I even made a few new friends and acquaintances along the way. Yet none of them were geared specifically towards D.V. Survivors and our unique needs.

I turned my focus and attention on gaining more knowledge, training, and education, in several different areas, all the while my husband continued to encourage me to start a support group or organization for others like me. However, my hesitation was fueled by feelings of inadequacy, potential criticism, lack of skills, and basically “all of the above” that goes through one’s mind when they know they are called to do something, yet have no clue how or where to begin…

So I traveled around and around the mountain for several more years before I finally reached where I am today.

Attempting to be that light in the darkness, for those who may still be in a D.V. relationship or who may have successfully escaped the madness, but are still struggling to find their value and worth. Still struggling to understand the purpose for their pain…

I am in no way, shape, or form, an expert in this field!

But I have my personal experience and I have my own personal testimony from bondage to rescued and restored.

I understand that everyone’s story is different and to various degrees and extremes.

I know how I felt before, during and after and I know of all the things I have had to endure and overcome along the way. It’s a really tough road to travel. Traveling alone or with someone who truly can’t relate, is even harder.

My plan is simply to be a voice of reason when nothing around you seems to make any sense. To be that True Friend when all the others have walked out because they don’t/can’t understand why you stay, why you stayed for so long, why you keep going back…

The Goal of D’Vine Daughters is:

  • To Encourage Women to Never Give Up fighting for their freedom-True Freedom!
  • To Support Women as they walk through their personal Healing Journey!
  • To Empower Women by helping them realize their True Worth and Value!
  • To Motivate Women to Speak Out and Share Their Story!
  • To Inspire Women to Live out their Calling and Purpose!