My “what keeps me up at night” aka Personal Mission Statement

Every worthwhile company, organization, or brand has a mission, a purpose, a reason, a passion, basically a story behind it all. I will do my best to briefly explain that here about D’Vine Daughters.

As a fairly new DV Survivor and having relocated to a new town hours away from the support system I had established, I quickly began my search for local support.

I joined several local support groups in the community and also joined a local church family. Each avenue was very helpful in their own unique ways. Yet, none were geared specifically towards D.V. Survivors and our individualized and unique needs.

I turned my focus and attention on gaining more knowledge and understanding, through several years of training and education. During those growing years, I was repeatedly encouraged by my family and friends to start a support group for others like me. However, my hesitations were always fueled by feelings of inadequacy, potential criticism, lack of skills, and basically “all of the above” that goes through one’s mind when they know they are called to do something, but have no clue how or where to begin…

I traveled round and around the mountain for several more years before I finally reached to where I am today.

I had to be reminded that, in my own Strength, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding, I could do Nothing, BUT I could do ALL things through Christ. Thus came the mandate to “Abide in The Vine” and Follow HIS Lead.

So, I am simply attempting to Master this Art of Abiding and help others do the same.

Whether you’re still be in a D.V. relationship or may have successfully escaped the madness, but are still struggling to find value and worth or still struggling to understand the purpose for the pain, I am making myself available to help you walk it out at whatever stage you’re in.

I am not a licensed expert in this field of trauma and recovery, but I am working on that with each passing day.

But I do have my own personal experience, and my own personal testimony from BONDAGE to RESCUED and RESTORATION!

The Goal of D’Vine Daughters is to S.E.E.K. H.I.M. and A.B.I.D.E. in Him and take this amazing journey together:

  • Support – as one walks through their personal Healing Journey!
  • Encourage – one to Never Give Up fighting for their Freedom-True Freedom!
  • Empower – by helping one to realize their True Value and Worth!
  • aKnowledge – one’s True Identity based on The Anointed Word of God!
  • Honor – those who have been devalued for far too long!
  • Inspire – to Live out their Calling and Purpose!
  • Motivate – to Speak Out and Share Their Story!